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  • Transcript Hi It's Rebecca calling on behalf of the U.A.W. I'm calling with info on a bill being voted on in the Senate this coming Monday that will deny workers the right to form unions and negotiate with their employer it's called the tribal labor sovereignty Act bill number S $140.00 and if passed would deny protection under the National Labor Relations Act to hundreds of thousands of workers including U.A.W. members the U.A.W. has a strong record of supporting civil rights and believes strongly in tribal sovereignty but this bill is neither for example at Foxwoods Casino where the U.A.W. represents the workers nearly 100 percent of employees and patrons are not tribal members at a time of growing inequality in a shrinking middle class the last thing Congress should do is deny workers the right to form unions and bargain collectively and we need your help to stop this attack on our brothers and sisters press 1 right now to be connected to your senator's office.
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