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(317) 383-0036 is a Political Robocall

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  • Transcript Hello there this is a R.P. Indiana State director Sarah Waddle calling to ask you to stay on the line for a very important telephone town hall conversation with special guest Sen Joe Donnelly we will be discussing a critical issue to Indiana spiffy plus population the recently announced Senate health care proposal so please stay on the line and you will be automatically connected to this important discussion toll free this is an interactive call so you'll have the chance to ask Senator Donnelly questions are live town hall discussion will be recorded and to reach a live operator at a R.P.G. or in regular business hours please call 186-644-8361 extension 8 please stay on the line and you will be connected to this important foreign momentarily with Senator Joe Donnelly and a R.P. Indiana Please hold while we connect you to the A.A.R.P. event. . This event is currently in progress please note that this call may be monitored recorded or rebroadcast.
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