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Phone Scam Alert!

(361) 756-0409 is a Vehicle Warranty Scam

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript This is Ashley from dealer warranty center Guardian she doesn't change shoveling Maumoon. All records indicate you have yet to reinstate a warranty. . We have mailed notices that the warranty on the vehicle has expired and we're just giving you a final credit card to activate your warranty before we close your file would you like Terry options.
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Has reduced my bothersome calls by 90% Thanks Nomorobo!

— Dennis, Nov 29th, 9:21am

I can tell when it's working. I only here one ring then I don't even have to look at the phone and I don't have empty messages in my voice mail box. I know Nomorobo has just saved me from another annoying call.

— Dave, Nov 29th, 9:28am

Every one who can should have this technology installed. It works great and in conjunction with our phone system block feature it prevents unwanted calls every day of the year! We have many family members and friends who now have Nomorobo installed.

— David A, Nov 29th, 9:34am


— , Nov 29th, 9:47am

One of the best anti incoming unwanted phone call programs I have ran into. Thanks for what you do,

— Blake, Nov 29th, 9:48am

I like it very much--data base needs to keep expanding, and we have done our part.

— Pete, Nov 29th, 10:02am

Finally a system that works to block unwanted calls.

— Bill D, Nov 29th, 10:05am

Thank you for your wonderful invention, and for your much appreciated phone scam alerts!! Finally- a company we can rely on for great service!

— , Nov 29th, 10:13am
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