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  • Transcript This is Derek. I just want to reach out to you very briefly because we consult for a couple federal tourney's that are hands on some consumer rights issues with the timeshare company that you own with we have a pretty good sized group of owners that are that it's shared with us that they basically were told that it was going to be an hour and a half presentation that did turn into a $3.00 to $4.00 hour presentation most of them said no $2.00 to $3.00 times even more than that and they were badgered into making a decision that day they were told it was an investment they were told that they could run it or that they could resell it owners found out that not be true they were told that it's easy to book with availability owners and found out that not be true and on top of everything that's been stated the resort's have been found that they've been taken him and Tori and renting it out to the general public on different websites for anywhere from 20 to 50 percent cheaper than what you're obligated just to pay and maintenance and for that very reason we have a pretty good large group of owners that are gathering together to fall legally to abolish everything and basically plan.
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Just last week, 11,467 people got Nomorobo protection!

This is one of the greatest services offered today. While it does not block every robo call, it does block the majority of them. I am at home most of the day and it has made my life better and has kept my blood pressure down. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

While not all calls can be stopped, we've noticed a huge reduction in the amount of unwanted telemarketing calls. Great service!

Best thing I ever did! Love waiting for the ring and then silence. Makes me so happy!

My husband and I do a "happy dance" every time we hear 1 ring and then it stops. We smile and say "Nomorobo is working again"! I even put it on my 87 year old mom's phone line. She doesn't quite get how it works, but I'm at peace knowing she's not getting those annoying calls anymore. Thank you, Nomorobo!

It's not perfect, but it does a great job most of the time. I only wish it would work against political calls during the last election.

LOVE IT!!!!When my phone rings one time and stops I am reminded and I know that NOMOROBO is picking up the call.I am also finding that the callers are using a different number to call back and NOMOROBO is picking it.Unfortunately my cell service Verizon ,is not one of the carriers of NOMOROBO.THANK YOU!!!!!

We love it!! One ring and gone!!! It is fantastic!

I think it is fantastic and it has quietened the phone calls almost to nothing even during the election. Congratulations on a great tool for stopping mid-meal, mid-viewing extremely annoying robocalls. Combined with my 'no call" list peace reigns !! Thank you so much.Any charity you would like me to contribute to on your behalf ??

The number of frustrating robocalls is exploding, but there are more options than ever to fight back
Nomorobo is an excellent service and worthy of our Editors' Choice award.
It's a problem that gets worse every year...but a new website promises to change all that. without that nuisance we know as robocalls has a nice ring to it.
A groundbreaking solution to the problem...I'm positive it's going to work.
If you have a phone, you probably get robocalls...but relief may soon be available...
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Is there a hero among us who can rise up and build something to foil the dreaded robocall?
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Robo-calls, meet the terminator.
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