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(616) 730-4140 is a Work From Home Scam

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hi It's coach Robert calling with a quick question would you like to make 5000 a month or 5000 a week the answer is in your mindset in the people you spend time with if you want more time more cash and more freedom in your life to the tune of 5000 a week and more than now it's time to learn how Don't let another year slip by our automated marketing systems find your customers for you our team of and using this system for over 8 years now there's no chasing your friends or family no cold calling and no explaining ever now wouldn't that be nice press 1 now to learn how we do it and how we train others to do it very successfully or press 9 to be put on my do not call list and I'm so sorry I bothered you today but you will be missing a chance for a major turning point in your life I can promise you that So with nothing to lose but a few minutes of time press 1 hour call 616-730-4140 get more time more cash and more freedom back in your life today Press 2 to repeat that number.
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