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(617) 932-0143 is a Health Insurance Scam

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hello my name is Strom killing honey calling on behalf of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts time with S.S. R S as you may know Massachusetts is 1 of several cities taking the lead in finding ways to make health care more affordable and easier to obtain the state would like to better understand how to improve access to affordable health insurance that's why we're giving a survey your telephone number was randomly selected from phone numbers in Massachusetts participating in the study is voluntary and will be a great help set it takes only about 15 to 20 minutes to be a bit shorter for smaller households before we start let me tell you that what you say will be kept confidential your answers will be combined with those of other people in Massachusetts the study will not be used for marketing purposes and your decision on whether or not to participate will not have any effect on anything to do with your insurance coverage health care or your relationship with any state or federal agencies you may skip over questions or stop the interview anytime you wish if you have questions about the study I give.
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What a blessing during the recent political campaign!!! It is also useful for senior related calls such as home security and "I just fell and can't get up" scare tactics. I recommend to everyone who complains about robocalls.

Great! I recommend to all. Unfortunately it doesn't work with att or verizon. I suspect they will never allow it. You need a "work around" solution.

Great service! Thanks.

Love it! If you don't have it--get it!!

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I already have recommended Nomorobo to practically everyone I know! To borrow a phrase from my granddaughter, you rock! Can't thank you enough.

I see how it has blocked some unwanted calls. I'm totally satisfied!

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