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Just last week, 11,903 people got Nomorobo protection!

I and my wife just love it. It rings once and bam there gone. Only one minor problem. I'm getting calls from the same caller over and over again. This in minor to me because it still blocks them an only rings once. I can't thank you enough. We installed the app just before election time, and let me tell you it blocked a lot of calls. Great app. We can't wait for this to work on cell phones. I give it a 5 star +. Best regards Bill

— William , Nov 29th, 10:49am

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You made me a hero in my wife's eyes when I stumbled upon your service. When the phone rings just once, I can only smile, because I know another robocall has been blocked. In fact a robocall was just blocked as I write this! Keep up the good work. Can't wait for your service being available for smart phones.

— Ron B, Nov 29th, 10:58am


— Tom, Nov 29th, 12:24pm

F a n t a s t i c!!!! Every time the phone stops after one ring we say "Thank you, Nomorobo" Can't wait for the cell phones to have it. You are for the consumer when so many others want to rip us off. We really appreciate you, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!

— Judy F, Nov 29th, 1:09pm

Excellent. Has stopped 98% of telemarketers/robo calls.

— , Nov 29th, 1:18pm

It has really worked blocking those annoying phone calls. Thanks

— , Nov 29th, 2:04pm

Nomorobo is the best thing I NEVER paid for!! I thank you multiple times every day for that one ring and blessed nothing else!! Keep up the good work. I did, however, get a call today that had unavailable and out of area for the number. The robocalls are responding to your efforts to keep us all in a state of peace. Hopefully they will disappear too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

— Jan, Nov 29th, 7:13pm

thank you!

— Anne F, Nov 29th, 7:41pm
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