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(972) 798-8624 is a Business Scam

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hi This message is for business owners looking to generate new customers using a brand new marketing technology ringless voicemail is now available for you to professionally market your services or opportunity you can call anyone with a cell phone to generate mortgage leads real estate leads routinely solar panel leads auto dealership leads travel leads the list is endless imagine being able to send hundreds or even thousands of messages ringless leave your potential customers voicemail boxes bring us voice mail is legal compliant and is delivered at no cost to the cellular subscribers fois mailbox without interrupting their busy day allowing your prospects to listen to the message and call you back or visit your website when it is convenient This is not old phone broadcasting technology this is new proprietary reenlist voicemail technology to get more information push the 1 key now or push 1 to be taken off the list.
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