Stop annoying robocalls and spam texts forever.

Automatically protect your phone from scammers, spammers, and swindlers.

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Seriously Easy

A simple, one-time installation activates Nomorobo on your current phone line.

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Extremely Flexible

Waiting for an unknown call? It's easy to pause protection. You're always in control.

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Incredibly Accurate

Legal robocalls, like school closings and prescription reminders, are allowed through.

The easiest way to protect your mobile phone.

Phone scams are on the rise. Nomorobo is the fast and effective way to stop annoying robocalls and spam text messages from blowing up your phone.

Powerful robocall detection and advanced call screening give you peace of mind every time your phone rings.

Supported on top mobile carriers

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Still love your landline? We got you covered.

Nomorobo works on VoIP landlines, too. And the best part is that landline protection is completely free. Our gift to you.

Old fashioned, copper phone lines will need to be upgraded to VoIP in order to get protected.

Supported on 137 VoIP carriers

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We respect you and your privacy.

Nomorobo was built from the ground up to be consumer friendly. We don't bombard you with ads and we don't track you.

Our only job is to protect you from criminals that try to invade your digital life. That's our promise to you.

We never upload your address book or share your personal data with anyone. Your friends and family are your business, not ours.

Award winning robocall blocking

Unlike the other guys, Nomorobo Max provides 100% protection from all robocalls. Not 99%. Not just a label.

Never get interrupted by an unwanted call again.

All Unwanted Calls Are Blocked

Spoof-proof protection stops even the most sophisticated robocallers.

Suspicious Callers Are Screened

Advanced call screening technology lets you know exactly who's calling and what they want.

Spam Texts Are Filtered

Spam and scam texts are automatically junked to help protect against fraud and phishing.

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Protect your phone in just minutes.
Scan or click to get started.

Protect your phone in just minutes.
Click to get started.

Trusted by millions for privacy and control.


Robocalls Stopped

Since 2013, we've stopped billions of illegal and unwanted robocalls.


Known Robocallers

You're protected by the world's largest database of robocallers.


App Rating

15,194 App Store Reviews

Still have more questions? Look here for answers.

Will Nomorobo work on my phone?

If you have a smartphone or VoIP landline then we likely have a solution that will work for you. iPhone and Android users on T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T can use Nomorobo Max.

How do I know it works?

More than 2 million Americans trust Nomorobo, but you don’t have to take our word for it; All mobile plans start with a free trial. We've been recognized by the FTC and top publications including The Wall Street Journal and ABC News. Nomorobo has a 4.5+ star rating in the App Store.

Can I try it for free?

Absolutely. All Nomorobo mobile plans include a free trial. Our VoIP landline services are completely free.

Which carriers support Nomorobo?

Nomorobo Basic works on all carriers with your iPhone or Android device. Nomorobo Max works on T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. Most major landline VoIP carriers support Nomorobo.

Can I protect my family?

Nomorobo Max includes an option to add up to 3 mobile lines to your account to protect family and friends.

Will Nomorobo keep my information private?

100%. We are a privacy-first company and are completely ad-free. We never upload your address book to our servers or share your personal information with anyone.

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Three options to choose from:

Nomorobo Max
  • Free Trial

  • Stops ALL unwanted calls

  • SMS Protection

  • Advanced call screening

  • Spoof-proof robocall blocking

  • Spam free voicemail box

  • Family plan available

Mobile Basic
  • Free Trial

  • Stops 9,158,570+ robocallers

  • SMS Protection

VoIP Landlines

Supported on most VoIP carriers

  • No monthly charges

  • Stops 9,158,570+ robocallers

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Protect your phone in just minutes.
Scan or click to get started.

Protect your phone in just minutes.
Click to get started.