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(432) 303-4894 is a Fake Police Charity Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript You. Vernon, I'm glad you picked up. I was getting my answer machine voice ready. Hi. It's Kenneth. I'm calling from the National Police Support Fund. I'm calling as many citizens as I can today, letting you know that we're mailing out the envelopes in an effort to unite American citizens to stand behind our police. We'd all agree that these officers risk their lives daily serving and protecting our communities. As a non charitable 527 political organization, I just wanted to make sure that we could get that out to you. And all we ask is that when you receive your card in the mail, you just help out with whatever you think is right. Okay? Is that okay? I was just saying the goal of the drive is to organize a grassroots movement of citizens that promote safety for police officers and to help drive change and needless laws that put their lives at risk. So all we ask is that when you receive your card in the mail hello? Are you there? Are.
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