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  • Transcript Frank soto jr. Your Spokane Valley Fire Chief. And I'm asking you to join our live telephone town hall meeting. Just stay on the line to be automatically connected. You have an opportunity to ask questions, share comments, vote in polls on your phone, or just listen in. We will be discussing our maintenance and operations levy with myself and Commissioner Birch based on questions from the live tele town hall audience. Again, pleased down the line to be connected to our forum now in progress. Thank you. You are joining a live conference already in progress. Please be aware that your local phone company may leave your line open for up to 32 seconds after you leave the conference. If you would like to ask the speaker a question, please press zero. And our community is growing, and we need to grow with it. Some of the things that are provided by our maintenance and operations levy are new vehicles, new fire response units, personnel, facilities, hands only CPR, stop the bleed. Smoke alarm blisses. So the maintenance and operations levy covers a large portion of what we do. And again, our goal is to keep up and continue what we're already providing for you out there. And again, we want to remind everyone that this is a replacement levy. That's very important because you're already paying it now. And what we're asking for will actually lower what you're paying now. So, again, we're renewing an expiring levy that expires normally every four years, and it's that time of year. Thank you very much, Chief. And it looks like we've got quite a few folks on the line. And, folks, just want to encourage you. If you have a question, hit zero on your keypad. We're going to try and hear from as many of you as possible. I know a lot of you are still getting on the line. We're glad to have you. Let's take our first question. And the question is, didn't we just approve a levy? Yes, sir. So in 2022, voters approved the levy lid lift, which rebalanced our budget. This was not a new levy or a renewal of any levies. The levy lid lift made it so that the regular fire levy now funds our budget at 68%. And the MNO, which is our maintenance and operations levy budget, is us at the 32%. Previously, the MNO provided 62% of our budget. As you know, that's a pretty risky and dangerous position to be.
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