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(732) 341-8900 is a Vehicle Warranty Robocall

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  • Transcript You. Hi, this is your president, Mike Signorelli. I'm reaching out to everyone regarding a few upcoming events. The first is the Thanksgiving Turkey giveaway that is sponsored by Brokeley Township and fulfill of Ocean county and Monmouth counties. On Tuesday, November 21 between twelve noon and 02:00 p.m. We will be distributing turkeys or hams along with a bag of fixing to the residents who are in need. The event will take place in the parking lot of Holiday City South. Please follow the directions of the trustees and the township employees that will be distributing the food. Stay in your vehicles. Sign in with the attendants that will be welcome you and as you pull up we will place the food in your vehicles. Do not attempt to attend the event on foot as there will be a lot of vehicular traffic and safety is of concern. The second event is the date for the men's club meeting. Since the scheduled date would have placed the meeting on Thanksgiving Eve, the men's Club has decided to move the date of their meeting to Tuesday, November 20 eigth. The meeting will be held in building a room one at 06:00 p.m. I'd like to send a special thank you to everyone who assisted rich Bowen with the setup and planning of the Thanksgiving dinner sponsored by the trustees at the clubhouse. The dinner is sold out. We look forward to serving dinner to our residents that would otherwise be spending the day alone and enjoying that time together. The Board of Trustees would like to extend our best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to our residents and their families. Stay safe and healthy.
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Trying to stop or at least limit Robocalls almost became a part time job for me. I would diligently try to use their "press 5 to be removed from our list" [yeah, THAT works!], & even more diligently report the numbers/caller ID in complaints to the Do Not Call Registry. Pretty much to no avail & a losing battle. Then I read about Nomorobo. Gave it a try & OMG, what a difference! An IMMEDIATE difference! A real Godsend --- The peace is wonderful. One little ring & then nothing. Thank you so much!!

While a few of these pests still persist, Nomorobo has made a big difference in our household. Thank You So Very Much!

This is the greatest invention. We have had many "one ring" calls since we signed up for nomorobo and it even keep annoying political callers from getting through (we could see who was calling on our Caller ID ). We hope to be able to add our cell phone numbers as soon as nomorobo gives the heads up on that. Thank you so much! We have already given out the web site to several family and friends. And they have been grateful too.

I still love hearing the infamous 'one ring'.. It is music to my ears... NOMOROBO was profiled on my local news, serving the northern Virginia and Washington area. I have been very happy with the foolproof nature of your product. Thank you....

superb utility -- recommend quiet frequently to friends...


I'm amazed that it works so well. Sounds too good to be true, but it really works.

The best invention since the telephone! I HATE ROBOCALLS!

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