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(800) 800-0101 is a Vehicle Warranty Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript Hello, this is Eric with Mapfree Insurance. Is this Mr. Sullivan? Yeah, I'm calling about. I can. Can you hear me? Mr. Sullivan? So I'm calling about the glass claim on your Audi. Do you have a couple of minutes to get this claim finished up? All right, so we're showing a glass claim on your vehicle. I was calling to complete the claim and help you schedule the service for your records referral number. Okay. Do you have a couple of minutes to finish it up? Okay, now, I do need to let you know the call is being both answered and recorded by Safelight Solutions. Okay, I'm sorry, I don't think I'm following you. I apologize. I do need to let you know safe light Solutions isn't part of Maverick Insurance, but does process glass claims on its behalf. You do have the right to choose any glass shop to do the work. Then. I'm sorry, you were saying? Okay, so is this a personal or a business policy? Sir? Is this a personal or a business policy? Sir? I'm sorry, can you hear me? Okay. Is this a personal or a business policy, sir? Which one is it? I'm sorry? A personal or a business policy? It. I'm sorry, am I speaking to a recording? I'm sorry if I'm a little confused. I'm not sure you can hear me properly. I'm going to go ahead and try to call back, okay? If.
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It's Great !I saw it on a news report from a consumer reporter, I caught just the end of the report. The reporter said there was a new thing out called "Nomorobo", that worked better than the "do not call list".I googled "Nomorobo" it's been "Blissful Silence" ever since.

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