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(210) 791-9481 is a Real Estate Robocall

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Mario calling I was actually giving you a call because a lot of people are wondering how this pandemic is going to affect real estate in San Antonio right now with the government shutting down everything down people are running out of options as far as being able to sell their properties through a traditional real estate channel using an agent and what not but I wanted to let you know that I am still buying houses currently buying them all cash and paying all closing costs so if you are interested in selling your house and wanted to know what options you have and want to see what I could pay you for your property please give me a call you can reach me at 217919481 again if you're interested in selling your property I am still buying through these drop times if you are not interested in selling I do sincerely apologize for Bother new please present Amber 2 and I will get your number added to the Do Not Call list mediately Thanks for taking the time to listen to the message hope you're having a great day take care and stay safe out there.
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Every time the phone rings once and stops, we smile and say, "Nomorobo!"

It's great we have very few calls than get by the system.

Great through this last election ad cycle...I still get a couple of survey calls that ring four times...

I love it. We don't get those annoying robo silent calls anymore.

I smile every time the phone rings once and then stops because I know Nomorobo is handling another annoying robocall so I don't have to.

While a few of these pests still persist, Nomorobo has made a big difference in our household. Thank You So Very Much!

Works great ! Now just find a way to include the political calls before 2016 and I will be in heaven!

Absolutely love it. The best thing since the telephone.

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