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(212) 729-6543 is a Vehicle Warranty Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript Hi, Shame. Yeah, hi, Shame. Shame. I am from Tanisha. Yeah. Are you hearing me? Okay, Shamim. The title name is senior software engineer and the location is in Dearborn, Michigan. This is full time and on site role. Basically we are working with Ford. The end client is Ford. We need a candidate which have good experience in automotive domain. Around eight plus years in automotive domain experience. So may I know how much do you have experience in automotive? How much may I know how much do you have experience in automotive domain? Like ten year, five year, 15 year. Okay. But we need a candidate have good knowledge in uds. Like unified diagnostic specifications. So do you have. Okay, that's great. And may I know what's a work authorization like? Are you citizen, green card or any other work visa? Are you citizen or a green card holder or any other work visa? Not. Okay. Can you tell me about a kit? If you are interested. Seriously?
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I work nights and would often be woken during the day by continuous calls from Telemarketers. Some would call 4-6 times one after the other. Often 12-15 unanswered calls a day. They were relentless. Since the day I activated Nomorobo my house has been at peace. Now when the phone rings, I actually answer it.

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