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(334) 575-2074 is a Religious Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript You. There's been some folks acting funny around you. Press one. Press one. Press one. You've been feeling it in your spirit. Press one. Press one. Press one. This is why things have been happening the way they've been happening. This is why the enemy's been using folks to poke at you. Press one. Press one. Press one. I'm talking about the spiritual warfare. Press the numerical button one. Press the numerical button one. Because I heard the Lord say that it's about to break. It's about to break. You're getting close. Press one. To hear this blessed word. Press one. There's about to be a shift that's about to happen financially around the family with certain loved ones. Press the numerical button one. Relationships cycle that is repeated in the family around marriages. Press one. To hear this blessed word. Press one. Press one. Or call 312-906-7154 if you wish to no longer receive these messages, please hit the option three now.
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