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(346) 922-3568 is a Vehicle Warranty Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript My name is Mary. How are you doing today? This short call is about your car. Yes. Yes, my name is Mary. This short call is about your car warranty. I just want to ask you one simple thing and then I will let you go. Okay? Okay. So if we show you a plan that's going to cover your car for five years with the additional one hundred k more miles in which your engine, transmission, electrical and mechanical breakdown cover with the lowest and reasonable price that you can pay easily. So you would think about it as an option. Okay? Can you hear me? Okay, how many miles you have on the car? Can I. Miles less than 200k. What's your car model name? Anything you remember? Why are you laughing? Sir, actually, this is a big opportunity for you. Sir, can you please tell us what's your car model name? Okay, sir, I'm waiting. No problem. Yes sir. What's the name? What's your good name, sir? Kenneth, can you please pronounce your first and last name? You okay? Can you listen me?
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