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(803) 715-2054 is a Political Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript Robert. I hope you're staying out of trouble over there. I'm only kidding. This is Frank Wallace calling for the American Police Officers Alliance. Very quickly, we're mailing out the envelopes to help fight for our officers who protect our nation's citizens, just like yourself. The goal, obviously, for the alliance, is to defend strong police leadership and just to make sure that they have the proper training to keep us and themselves safe. So, as a non charitable five, I just wanted to make sure that if we mailed you out an envelope, that these officers could count on your support. Okay. I know it might not seem like the right time to do this, but anything you could do would help. We just wanted to make sure that if we mailed you out a pledge card for only $20, that the men and women could count on your support. That's all. Is that okay? Is that okay? Hello? Are you there? God bless you. We really appreciate you helping. And thank you so much for that $20 commitment. Now, so we don't call you back and bug you again. Let me just update your info on my screen here. Can you hear me a second? Okay. Got you down for the $20. You're still okay with that, right? Hello? Are you there? Okay, we had you down for a $20 pledge. Is that still okay? That's awesome. And since we've gone green to save our environment, I'll hold while you go grab a credit or debit card. So just take your time finding it. And which one do you think you'll be using today? Oh, I'm sorry. What was that? Well, I do understand, and of course it's always up to you, but if you do well, I do understand, and of course it's always up to you. But if you do it today, I can save you time and a stamp, and it would really help us out. So, is that okay? Okay. Now read me the full card number whenever you're ready. Hello?
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