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(855) 215-4939 is a Vehicle Warranty Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript You. Hello, this is the MercedesBenz Customer Service team reaching out to you about a free emission modification on your vehicle. Our records show that we have previously contacted you about this program, but it has not been completed. As a current owner lessee of an eligible vehicle, you may qualify for a $2,000 incentive and a four year 48,000 extended warranty on certain components upon completion of the free modification. For additional information you can visit Bluetechupdate, contact your local MercedesBenz dealership directly or call us at 855-215-4939 thank you for being a loyal MercedesBenz customer.
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  • Call Activity Severe Last detected 20 hours ago

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U love Nomorobo. It has saved me a lot of frustration!!

Great service, cut down my nuisance calls tremendously (except that know my captain no longer calls and I don't win anymore free trips, lol)

It IS fantastic .

Really like it!

We love the fact that after one or two rings most solicitation calls are blocked. It would be excellent, if all the robot calls were blocked, but somehow there are those that manage to get through. Love the service and we will continue to suggest your service to our friends and family!!!

Very impressed. I often check to see if Nomorobo has incorrectly blocked personal calls which I would want to receive. It never does this: it seems to have 100% accuracy.

It has all but stopped constant unwanted calls. I'm in my 70's and so Appreciate this service. It so works!!

A question: What do scammers hear when the call is forwarded from my phone to yours? A voice? A tone? That old-fashioned moden noise? P.S. All of your subscribers might want to know this, too. And thanks for creating such a terriffic service.

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