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Phone Scam Alert!

(866) 207-7711 is a Fake Lottery/Sweepstakes Robocall

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hello and good day. This is a secured phone call from the Publisher's Clearinghouse head office located at 101 Winners Circleport, Washington, New York. This call is to inform you that you are the winner of an unclaimed prize. As one of our monthly winners in our major lottery and sweepstakes competition, your claims code is 45986 two. Once again, 45986 two. This is a certified prize that is approved by the Federal Trade Commission Bureau of Competitions. For more information on how to claim your sweepstakes prize, please dial one now or call the Publisher's Clearinghouse executive office at 866-20-7711. Once again, that number is 866-20-7711. We are open Monday through Saturday, 08:00 am to 08:00 PM. Eastern Standard Time.
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For my wife and me, it's an invaluable service. We are bombarded by robocalls, and Nomorobo filters them out very effectively. Thank you, thank you!

Wonderfull!! Please get rid of political calls too, okay? :)We would pay for that service!

Best thing I ever did! Love waiting for the ring and then silence. Makes me so happy!

Fabulous - Such a great feeling when the phone rings only one ring.

Fantastic! We were averaging 1 call every 7 minutes between 9AM and 9AM every day!! Changing numbers is not the answer either (the phone co must sell their new connections)

I am not quick to make any recommendations about products or services to friends or family. If the subject of robocalls comes up, however, I am pleased to say good things about the service you provide.We know that Nomorobo provides an excellent service. When our phone rings just once and then stops we know that Nomorobo is on the job. Amazing!

I still laugh out loud when the robocalls get blocked after one ring. What a great way to block the shameless scammers who were driving me nuts.

I can't thank you enough - you've given me my peace and quiet back.

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