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(866) 584-6012 is a Religious Robocall

Do not answer.

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  • Transcript Hello, this is Robert Ritchie with American Needs Fatima and the foundation for a Christian Civilization, Inc. And I'm calling to invite you to be part of the largest rosary rally in the world. You can be a rally captain on October 15 at 12:00 noon. If you want to be a rally captain, you can just press one on your phone dial. Just press one. Because our country really needs the rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Right now, America is in a bad way, spiritually and morally, and things are getting worse. But there is a solution, which is the triumph of the American heart of Mary through prayer, penance and reparation, and especially the Holy Rosary. And that's why I'm organizing 200 rosary rallies on Saturday, October 15, at 12:00 noon local time. So if you want to be part of the world's largest rosary rally, you can do it. You can just press one now on your phone dial. Press one and it's really simple to do all you need.
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I love this app... Especially when I hear one ring and then silence! It always makes me smile and say to myself, "nomorobo strikes again."

Great program! Has cut down Robo Calls at home to practically none. I do wish there was a feature to create an "allowed calls" list as there are some service providers who use Automated calls for appointment reminders, etc. would highly recommend Nomorobo!

Doesn't seem to do a thing. Still get robocalls.

It works at least 90% of the time. We get hammered daily by scammers who lie with their displayed Caller ID so this is heaven sent! It's not perfect, but nearly so and the best thing we've found.

This is absolutely the best! As soon as I heard about it, I registered. In just over four months, Nomorobo has blocked over 110 calls.

Love it. I use Vonage which supports Simulcall allowing me to make use of it. Would like to know how to report number to Nomorobo for possible inclusion. Currently I just add them to my CallBlockList on my phone.

i think it need more work to block calls

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