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(877) 587-5726 is a Financial Robocall

Be cautious.

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  • Transcript Hello? Am I speaking with Robert Murphy? Hello? Robert? Hello? Am I speaking with Robert Murphy? Should I take that as a yes? Okay, and just for me to confirm, is this Robert Murphy? Okay. Hello there. Is this Robert Murphy? Okay, thank you so much, Robert. And this is Sheen from Citibank. Great to have you on the line, Robert. And I actually have here your wayfair mastercard. Okay. And Robert, as it states here, your account is past due with total amount due of $394. Let's go ahead now and process your payment. Okay. Hello, Robert. Okay, and are we going to be processing your payment using your checking or your debit card? Okay. I think this is a Jolly Roger call. Okay, I'm going to hang up now.
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