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(978) 745-9595 is a Vehicle Warranty Robocall

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  • Transcript This is the city of Salem's. Public Services Department palace panor oparimanue. Based on the current weather forecast, the City of Salem is declaring a snow emergency at 05:00 P.m. On Tuesday, March 14 and at 08:00 P.m. In the downtown district. If later forecasts lessen the amount of snow emulation, we will update at 07:30 A.m. And remove the no parking restrictions. The museum placed garage in South Harbor garage. Snow rates will go into effect on Tuesday at 03:00 P.m.. Please note if you park in the garages prior to this time, you will be charged at the regular hourly rate, not the snow rate until you retrieve your vehicle. Alternative snow emergency parking is also available at the MBTA garage, their regular parking policies and rate supply. For a complete list of snow emergency parking areas and to see the city's snowbrusher, go to snow. This snow emergency will remain in effect until further notice. Please remember, during the snow emergency, a parking ban is in effect and vehicles must be totally removed from city streets and sidewalks or your vehicle will be ticketed and towed. Also please note that vehicles must be removed from public and private parking lots immediately following the cancelation of the snow emergency. For information when the snow emergency parking will end, please consult the City of Salem's website, the Police Snow emergency line at 9781-744-0171 extension four, or tune in to SATV on your television. Once again, the snow emergency has been declared effective Tuesday, March 14, at 05:00 P.m. And at 08:00 P.m. In the downtown district. Thank you. To repeat this message, press any key now.
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would wish it could stop call before the 1 ring on phone but otherwise very happy

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